Allen Russell, Director of Chaplaincy

In John 10:11 (NIV) Jesus said, "I am the Good Shepherd." Chaplains are shepherds of their flock and spend a lot of time in the field, on board ship, on the flight line, in mess halls, in hospital rooms, in quarters, and many other places as well. We have a unique opportunity to get close to people and minister outside of our church or chapel. Pray for us as we share Christ's love and seek to give hope to the homeless. Many are coming to Christ.

Ben and Janice Brown

Ben and Janice Brown currently serve at Bible Baptist Church in Klamath Falls, OR. Recently, leadership at the local Air National Guard Base asked Ben to become a chaplain for that unit. God has opened a door and an age waver was issued. We are waiting for a selection Board to approve Ben. It is unique for an evangelical to get an age waiver.

Paul and Lenore Castillo

Paul and Lenore Castillo begain their ministry on May 30 at Pope Air Force Base, NC. Paul, our newest Air Force chaplain, left the chaplain position he held at the Federal Prison in Phoenix, AZ. He has prior service with the Air Force and the Air National Guard. Pray for their new ministry and for a quick adjustment back to active duty.

Gerry and Elle Fox

Gerry and Elle Fox have served with Cadence, ministering to soldiers at Ft. Leonard Wood for many years. Gerry was recently placed on active duty in an Active Guard/Reserve position in the Los Angeles area. Pray for this new opportunity of ministry.

Mark Mitera, Warren Haggray, and I attended a training conference in Topeka, KS. Chaplains play a key role in suicide prevention training for the military and have an open opportunity to give a strong testimony. Pray for chaplains in the specialized training.


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